Seasonal trends 2023: Valentine’s Day

Explore the three must-have trends, Everlasting Love, Exuberant Love, and Soft Romance, to tap into with your Valentine’s Day collection for 2023.

Everlasting Love

The trend is based on streamlined designs, meaning classic icons, a familiar color palette, and styling with year-round greenery.
Add retro motifs with hearts, flowers, and simplistic lines for Valentine’s collection on a soft rosy or lavender base, which will be used in homes year-round.
Taking classic patterns and adding a few brighter colors can make for unique pottery.
Add fun tags, and picks, or package your pottery in fun reusable packing that embodies the same timeless look that the pottery is designed with.

Exuberant Love

With a maximalist vibe, the Exuberant Love collection is built on fun bright coloring, bold letters, and fun, enticing prints. The graphics are chosen as a nod to various decades. The colors are bold and joyous, as they are based on the many shades from the rainbow palette to create celebratory energy.
Tin pottery sets with fun prints with quirky Valentine’s Day puns like, ‘Plant one on me’ in bright pastels are a simple way to spice up a simple ting pot.
Ombre pastel-colored pottery with a classic heart embossment is an easy product that in capsules Valentine’s day excitement and the feeling of being over the rainbow in love.

Soft Romance

The trend, Soft Romance, is based on a vintage look with a simple yet luxurious feel. The trend is perfect for consumers who prefer a subtle take on Valentine’s day, as it brings a notion of fresh spring romance.
Organically shaped pottery created in light coloring with handpainted detailing gives the Soft Romance trend and invites a delicate and minimalist feel to the product.
Fun-colored floral and simplistic handprinted hearts on matte neutral-toned bases are a great way of including a personal touch for the consumer for gifting.
Two-toned belly baskets are a part of the Soft Romance collection, as the organic materials mixed with heart-themed metal tags create a delicate, fun, and useable product.


Explore our Valentine’s Day Collection for the 2023 holiday here.


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    Seasonal trends 2023: Valentine’s Day