Benefits of Sourcing from Turkey

Turkey, a country rich in culture and traditions, offers a wide range of high-quality products and expert know-how. With recycled and natural materials available, sourcing from Turkey allows you to source your favorite items with a clear consciousness.

Our Sourcing Specialist

Meet Ilkhan, our Product Specialist in Turkey. As such, he keeps close contact with our suppliers in Turkey to ensure high product quality and does factory audits. He assists with the entire order process, from product development to document handling for our logistics team.

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Turkey offers recycled plastic, terracotta, and hand-made metal. The terracotta production is machine-made, securing a high level of similarity on every product. The metal is double the thickness of the metal production in, for instance, India.

The production lead time is in Turkey from 5 weeks to 3-4 months, depending on the level of detail, order volume, product, and material type.

To ensure your products arrive safely at your warehouse or store, our products are packaged in master cartons or inner cartons on pallets.


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