We acknowledge the impact we, as a global supply chain partner, have on the world. We want to do our part in creating the best socially and environmentally friendly conditions possible. We also know that doing so is an ongoing process. No impactful results are made overnight. Therefore, we are forever in the process of doing things better.

Social Responsibility in our Supply Chain

Being a supply chain partner, we do not only work with products; we work with people. We have a great responsibility for every person we work with, no matter which sourcing country or factory they are in. To ensure each production work by our principles of human rights, labor conditions, and environmental protection, we have a written Code of Conduct agreement that include those rules with each one.

In each of our sourcing countries, we have our own Specialists that does factory audits to ensure product quality and good working conditions. Having our own people also ensures that Dymak is a part of every process, from design to delivery of products, as it provides a feeling of security for us and our customers.

We are also active members of amfori and work with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), as well as similar compliance organizations, which work to ensure human rights and labor conditions, and much more.

Read more about amfori, BCSI, and SEDEX, and our Supplier Code of Conduct here.

Responsible Products

Finding responsibly sourced products can be hard on your own. Our local Sourcing Specialists and our Sourcing department have many years of expertise researching and developing more reliable products for the Home and Garden segment with our wide range of natural materials. We are proud members and certificate holders of the Forest Steward Council® (FSC-C165072), which also translates into our products.

Read how we work with the FSC® and get a sneak peek into our range of natural materials here.

Member of the United Nations Global Compact

We are new members of the United Nations Global Compact. Global Compact works with ten principles involving Human Rights, Labour, Environment, Anti-Corruption, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We are working on our first Communication on Progress (COP) rapport, which we will share later.


Read more about the Global Compact’s work here.

Maersk ECO Delivery Deal

In 2023 we entered a new contract with one of our leading logistic partners, A.P. Maersk. With the new Maersk ECO Delivery agreement, we limit the CO2 emissions of each container shipped on second-generation biofuels. By replacing fossil fuels, we can see an immediate reduce carbon emissions.

With ECO Delivery, our customers have the opportunity to move a step closer to net-zero emissions. You save approximately 1 tonne of Co2 per container shipped from Asia to Europe.

ECO Delivery with Maersk is applicable to our customers in Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom, but we hope to expand this solution to our customers globally soon.


You can read more about Maersk’s ECO-Delivery here.