Benefits of Sourcing from Sri Lanka

Known for its rich biodiversity and large tea and cinnamon exportation, Sri Lanka is an excellent option for the sustainable sourcing of recycled and natural materials.

Our Sourcing Specialist

Meet Tanyaa, our sourcing specialist based in India. She ensures customers have access to beautiful and sustainable products from Sri Lanka. Tanyaa loves exploring and discovering new product types and materials to help customers create unique products.

Sourcing from Sri Lanka

From Sri Lanka, our most popular materials to source are ceramics, gems and stones, and coir and coconut fibers. These materials are used to develop pottery, coir mats, and tableware for businesses worldwide.

Depending on the product size and the quantity, the production time is around 60 days and a lead time of 75-90 days. The minimum order size is 500 pcs/style, so you can fill a container or create mixed containers.

To ensure a safe delivery, each product is carefully packaged in any material desired, whether in recycled plastic or paper, on appropriate-sized pallets. Our suppliers are placed close to each other, making adding different types of products easier and cheaper in one container.


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