our history

It all started with two young Danish guys, Claus and Søren backpacking through the world.

The Founders

Søren and Claus had just finished high school, and with a combined experience of an empty bowl (as in zero!), they took on the world with an open mind. It was a fantastic adventure with several surprises along the way, which probably could have been avoided with a bit more planning. Regardless, they both believed that this trip laid the foundation of what Dymak is today: a transparent company without prejudice towards other cultures. Let’s get back to this a bit later.

Why Dymak

Backtracking to the start again, Søren and Claus decided to go into business while traveling in Malaysia. Their friend, Keld Kjeldsen, joined them, and they based their company on their dynamic view of life and their surnames back then. They came up with the name Dymak by combining “dy” from dynamic, “m” from Madsen (Søren’s surname), “a” from Andersen (Claus’ previous surname), and “k” from Kjeldsen (Keld’s surname). They still needed to come up with a business plan. But after random tests on pillow trade, sport event planning, exotic fruits, and many other adventures, Keld jumped ship, which no one could blame him for. Left behind, Søren and Claus decided that a more strategic approach could be handy, so they looked at Danish core competencies, which would neither require money (we had none) nor knowledge (we were low on fuel on this end also). They came out with Danish furniture, and we caught some excellent deals selling it to Malaysia.

The beginning of something huge

In 1999 Søren’s dad owned a plant nursery that had complained about the high prices for plant accessories. They (mostly Søren) took on the challenge and found a guy to help them solve Søren’s dad’s problem. His name was John, and he was one of Holland’s biggest importers of florist articles. Søren and Claus became his agent in Denmark, and for the first time since the kick-off three years back, they earned an average Danish salary.

The time as agents was a good learning experience. Still, after a few years, Esber Thisen, also a friend from high school, joined the team, and they decided to cancel the agency contract and establish a real wholesale company. It proved to be a good decision, and Dymak soon won several prizes as one of the fastest-growing companies in Denmark.
In 2010, Esber moved on to new adventures, and not too long after that, Søren took on getting Dymak started in the US. He did so with great success, and today Dymak is regarded as a market leader in customized plant upgrades for growers around the globe.
With a job well done in the US, Søren decided, as Esber a decade earlier, that it was time to explore new possibilities, and he left Dymak with Honors in 2018/19.

The new dymak

With one guy left, Claus took on the task to re-define Dymak. A significant re-organization was not needed, but with such a large market share in the “grower business,” any significant expansion of Dymak would require a look at new business opportunities. The next opportunity soon took shape; Dymak was expanding its focus to the Garden segment, an expansion made with great knowledge, strategy, and dynamic teamwork. And this is where you’ll find Dymak today, as a dynamic, transparent, and reliable wholesaler for the grower and garden segments with a great passion for having a good day at work, because Claus did from the very beginning.