Mother’s Day trends 2024

What’s trendy for Mother’s Day 2024? Which direction should our product designers go to fit the upcoming Mother’s Day trends of 2024? Look no further, as our Concept Design Manager gives you two top trends for Mother’s Day 2024. 

Textures and Patterns

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in your life. Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays of every calendar year, especially for the growers’ market. This is one of the holidays where the sales for personalized smaller gifts for women of all ages are celebrated for everything they do for their children, in-laws, etc. Now let’s dig a little deeper into the textures and patterns of the two trends.

2024 is all about a minimalistic aesthetic. Opting for softly rounded silhouettes gives a strong, clean look that exudes exclusivity. Two materials stand out strongly for Mother’s Day 2024; Metal and Wood. The two materials can be used for various products, from watering cans to lanterns to a cute smaller pot; the ideas are endless.
Introducing bold typography, such as serif, on simple pottery designs creates a simple yet striking look. Phrases such as Love you, Mom, Best Mom ever, and of course, Happy Mother’s Day are some of the solid personal messaging encapsulating new product development for Mother’s Day 2024.
But you can’t create a Mother’s Day collection without a bit of a botanical touch. The last key element of the trend direction for Mother’s Day 2024 is, no surprise, delicate floral designs. Whether in the form of decals, embossing, or as the complete shapes of the product, the botanical touch is a crucial element you won’t want to miss out on

Nature's Gratitude

Mother’s Day 2024 invites nature in. Cutesy floral motifs and botanical traces are key elements of the trends for the 2024 holiday.
The trend Nature’s Gratitude combines the whimsical bohemian feel with solid messages of appreciation in bold typography. Encapsulating the trend intro with very few words will be difficult as we are very excited about the trend. Some of the key elements include tinted colors. The tinted coloring does exceptionally well on glass vases for cut flowers or spring bulbs.

Graceful Curves

The Graceful Curves trend celebrates the perfect imperfections with soft rounded curves, messages of appreciation, and soft pinkish hues. Use natural materials, glass, and loads of metal to create scalloped edges, organic shapes of colors, and a variety of larger and smaller curves for your Mother’s Day collection for 2024.
Welcome soft shapes, hand-drawn florals, and a fine line to Mother’s Day 2024. The organic figures on vases and pottery make the product feel handmade and authentic. The curved shapes support the feeling of nurturing that any mother provides.
The delicate line drawings elongate and add dynamic to the product while enhancing the natural texture and finish.
A hand-painted detailing is key for Mother’s Day 2024, adding playfulness and imperfection to the pottery.


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