Embrace outdoors and rural themes, with a focus on elevated craft techniques, natural textures, and modern heirlooms for decorative accessories. Rerooted Nature is an affirmation of the things that connect us – nature, heritage, craft, and community – and an examination of how they can guide us through a time when we are all being rerouted onto new paths.

Decorative Accessories 22/23: Rerooted Nature

Nature has become the great unifier and healer in a period of upheaval, and this direction explores our symbiotic relationship with it. Here, it is both something to protect through the use of sustainable and regenerative processes and something to be protected from through outdoors-friendly designs and comforting, cocooning products. It is something to go out and freely explore and something to incorporate into our spaces and products. It is something to inform designers through the practical use of raw materials and ingredients and inspire them through a romantic focus on natural motifs, fabrics, and colors.
Earthy textures, a local low-impact production, ancient wisdom, and rituals will inspire the new developments in this trend, and so will science and technology, a focus on biophilic advancements and even immersive experiences that bring us up close and personal with the wilderness.
As we venture into new terrain and create fresh connections in the coming years’, nature, heritage, craft, and community will be the roots that renew and sustain us, repotting us for growth.

Colour: Rerooted Nature 22/23

The calming appeal of nature inspires a color palette deeply enriched with warm, earthy shades, deep watery blues, and forest greens. Lighter colors of Unbleached Cotton and Oat Milk refer to craft material inspiration, while traditional artisanal decorations inspire richer and punchier highlight shades of Bloodstone, Sweet Coral, Copper, and Honeycomb.

Key directions

The six key directions to explore for Rerooted Nature:

  • Outside in: create accessories that bring a semblance of nature indoors, from realistic to abstract expressions
  • Forest textures: be inspired by forest landscapes, with designs that use surface patina and color to mimic textures such as moss and bark
  • Homestead life: modernize the reassuring nostalgia of cottagecore with colorful and whimsical accessories and an overall feeling of comfort and homeliness
  • Global heirlooms: offer artisanal and handcrafted pieces with meaning and value that tap into a consumer desire to collect and curate
  • Elevated craft: celebrate craft in a muted and restrained way, with luxurious materials and minimalist sensibilities
  • Symbolic totems: create objects that garner an emotional response via ancestral symbols and archaic references