How do you incorporate sustainability into pottery?

Finding the perfect match between functionality, sustainability, and plants can be difficult if you do not know the available options. A new sustainable material option was all it took to create the perfect environmentally friendly product pair.

Finding sustainable planter options

Our US customer, Plainview, was presented with a sustainable option to pair with their Plainview Pure Plants collection. The simple and environmentally friendly bamboo pots from Vietnam took Plainview by storm.

“At Plainview, we are recognizing that some of our customers were searching for something more environmentally friendly and socially responsible we were immediately intrigued when Dymak approached us with their sustainable Bamboo pots.” Tom Van Vugt, Plainview, explains.

The perfect match

The bamboo pots, filled with gorgeous Plainview Pure plants, were the perfect pairing of quality, brand awareness, and sustainability.

“The pairing of the eco-friendly plant and the sustainable pottery was such a great success that the
order continued into 2021. We are getting repeat orders, and we couldn’t be happier,” says Tom Van Vugt.

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How do you incorporate sustainability into pottery?