Benefits of Sourcing from Vietnam

With abundant natural materials and high-quality craftsmanship, Vietnam produces beautiful baskets, pottery, or furniture made from bamboo or other raw materials. Below we have gathered some of the many benefits of sourcing from Vietnam.

Our Sourcing Specialist

Meet our sourcing specialist Thu Hien Tran from Vietnam. She oversees the local factories to ensure new product development and high-quality craftsmanship.

With a childhood in the countryside surrounded by traditional rattan crafts, Hien developed a fondness for handmade products, which fuels her passion for her job today.

She loves exploring and understanding knitting techniques and making craft products, which helps her find solutions to meet customer requests. 

Sourcing from Vietnam

The top five most popular materials from Vietnam are ceramic, fiberglass, wood, poly rattan, and natural materials such as water hyacinth, cornhusk leaves, and bamboo.

The materials have various uses and can be developed into lanterns, pottery, and furniture. 

Vietnam has a production time of 30-70 days during the low season and 90-120 days during the high season. The lead time is around 60-180 days.

Your orders are safely packaged in trays, master cartons, or pallets, depending on the product and order quantity.


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