Garden & Outdoor: Soul Space

Soul Space harnesses the healing qualities of nature to create lush gardens and outdoor spaces with a sentimental and homely appeal. Craft details, tactile materials, and organic forms are key here.

As the dust settles from the upheaval of the past few years, Soul Space explores how we find balance and happiness, both individually and collectively. Here, self-examination and fulfillment are part of the same path, and a broad range of inspirations link to a yearning for meaning and solace, whether it be through the romance of rural lifestyles, the comfort of home, the appeal of faraway places, or the nostalgia for far-off times.

Products that support wellness, self-care, and healing rituals will be especially relevant, and so will natural ingredients and processes – think wild foraged pigments, raw, excavated textures, and regeneratively sourced materials and packaging.

Soul Space warms up outdoor furniture with cozy beige and sunny terracotta, orange, and yellow. Bright, near-primary colors like Raspberry Pink and Honeycomb provide a more subtle sense of play in this design direction.

Create green oases

Allow customers to incorporate plant life anywhere in their home with rustic planters. Use all-over foliage in upholstery design and surface treatments. Look to plants and nature to inform product design.

Incorporate warm hues and sun-faded brights

Combine linen, canvas, and even velvety textures with sun-kissed brights for an endless summer effect that’s sure to keep customers outside well into the colder months.

Use natural and organic materials

Invest in natural, organic, and easily renewable materials like rattan or cork. Elevate outdoor furniture with highly textured wood grains and dry-touch surface treatments.

Go retro

Tap into consumers’ nostalgic desires. Take inspiration from antiques and historical spaces, giving product lines a sense of heritage.