Benefits of Sourcing from The Philippines

Discover our sourcing country, the Philippines. They have an eye for sustainability, excellent craftsmanship, and artistic designers to create beautiful products. The raw materials from the surrounding nature provide many sustainable options for creating unique concepts, including small furniture, lamps, and tableware.

Sourcing from The Philippines

The Philippines is renowned for its diverse range of popular materials, including wood, volcanic by-product, Abaca, other natural fibers, Capiz shells, and palm tree by-product, which are consistently favored by customers worldwide. However, the country’s offerings extend far beyond these well-known materials.

When it comes to production and lead time, the average duration typically falls within the range of 75-120 days. However, it is important to note that this timeframe can vary based on factors such as the specific raw materials involved, intricate design requirements, and order volumes. These variables play a crucial role in shaping the overall production timeline.

Packing and Transport

In order to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your orders, we prioritize the use of standard master cartons and inner cartons. By employing these reliable packaging materials, we strive to minimize any potential issues that may arise during transit. We recognize the importance of protecting your products, and this commitment to quality packaging is equally important to us at Dymak as it is to our valued customers. We constantly explore additional packing options to offer even greater flexibility and cater to your specific packaging needs.


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