Benefits of Sourcing from Bangladesh

Sourcing from Bangladesh has a lot of benefits that your company can benefit from. With an eye for craftsmanship and a long list of sustainable materials, there is no limit to the beautiful products you can create. Bangladesh has an extended repertoire of products, including baskets, planters, rugs, home textiles, and much more.

Our Sourcing Specialist

Meet Tanyaa, our Sourcing Specialist in India. She has been a part of Dymak for more than ten years and has become responsible for our sourcing in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

She is passionate about creating high-quality products and analyzing trends to develop products that fit a specific market. She often goes to Bangladesh to do factory audits and ensure high production quality.



Sourcing from Bangladesh

Every production of items may vary, but the development’s lead time is around 3-7 days, whereas the production lead time is approximately 75-90 days for new orders and 45-60 days for repeat orders. 

Any packaging material is available to ensure your products arrive safely.

Consolidation is possible when sourcing from Bangladesh. You can easily combine products in one container with factories gathered in clusters.

Bangladesh is a country with a wide variety of organic materials. With materials such as seagrass and jute, you are able to create a wide range of products for indoor, outdoor, and accessory purposes. Both jute and seagrass grow very fast, with a growing time of just two months for the jute to be large enough for harvesting. 

Besides seagrass and jute, Bangladesh produces a range of basketware of river grass, cane, palm leaf, palm fiber, and recycled fabric.


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