Benefits of Sourcing from Indonesia

Besides being a beautiful country with a rich culture, Indonesia has much more to offer. Sourcing from Indonesia gives you a lot of benefits and bestseller items on the shelves. Below we gathered five critical points on the benefits of sourcing from Indonesia.

Our Sourcing Specialist

Say hello to Gede Sudiarsana, our Sourcing Specialist from Indonesia. He has been a part of the Dymak team for a couple of years. Gede is passionate about discovering new exciting materials, products, and design opportunities. 

Gede ensures that the products produced and designed for our customers are up to par. He also does factory audits for all local factories to ensure that they live up to our Code of Conduct and our standards. 

Sourcing from Indonesia

The top five most popular materials from Indonesia are tropical wood such as teak, mahogany, and Mindy wood, rattan, bamboo, terra cotta, and natural fibers such as banana bark and seagrass.

Indonesia is an expert in developing and producing baskets and furniture perfect for outdoor living. Especially materials like rattan, teak, and bamboo are the most sourced materials for the garden sector. 

Indonesia has a production time of 6-12 weeks, whether it is new products or reoccurring orders. The lead time is 5-6 weeks, depending on the country.

Your orders are safely packed in the packing materials of your choosing. Some possibilities include paper wraps, cartons, wooden crates, etc.


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