Benefits of Sourcing from India

India is a sourcing country that has a lot to offer. They are experts in handcrafting materials and products, such as paper for pottery. The high-quality craftsmanship also opens up for customization of most products. Below we have gathered a few of the many benefits of sourcing from India.

Our Sourcing Specialist

Meet our Sourcing Specialist from India, Tanyaa Bhatia. She ensures our customers have access to the most beautiful products from India. She loves seeing the products our customers have envisioned from afar come to life.

Tanyaa has been a part of the Dymak team for more than ten years, and her knowledge and expertise have helped many of our customers find the perfect product for their business. 


Sourcing from India

Some of the most popular materials from India are metal, glass, dried flowers, textiles, concrete, and coir. These can be made into paper pots, outdoor rugs, lanterns, and wreaths.

Metal is the most sourced material for our grower customers, as it allows for a wide range of designs on smaller pottery. 

India has a production time of 90-120 days on the 1st order depending on the product. The lead time from India is around 90-120 days for the 1st order and 60 days for repetitive orders.

When sourcing from India, any packaging is available. Customers can request a specific type of packaging for their orders. Packaging materials include cardboard, paper, plastic wrap, and more.


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