Benefits of Sourcing from Germany

Known for its simplistic design and various colors, Germany is the optimal sourcing country for your core pottery collection. Below we have gathered a few of the many benefits of sourcing from Germany.

Our Sourcing Specialist

Meet Edwin, our Group Purchase Manager, who is in charge of all sourcing operations in Germany.  As a key member of our team, Edwin is entrusted with the responsibility of sourcing the finest quality basic pottery from our suppliers in Germany. His expertise and attention to detail ensure that we consistently receive products of the highest standard.

Edwin has been a part of the Dymak team for almost 20 years, and has extensive knowledge of the pottery industry and strong relationships with our German suppliers, Edwin consistently identifies the best sources for our company’s needs. He maintains a keen eye for craftsmanship, ensuring that the basic pottery we acquire meets our stringent quality standards.

Sourcing from Germany

The most popular materials to source from Germany are ceramic, as they can be shaped into pottery in different shapes and sizes.

Development’s lead and production time are around six months, depending on the order size, size of the products, and availability in the factory’s schedule.

The pottery is packaged on wooden pallets before shipment to ensure your products arrive safely. As every product is produced in one factory, you can easily order your entire essential collection and have it shipped together.


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