Benefits of Sourcing from China

China is the most popular country to source goods for the Home & Garden segment. China is an expert in creating beautiful products quickly and cheaply. With outstanding craftsmanship within the pottery and small furniture sector, you can always find the perfect items in China.

Our Sourcing Specialist

Meet Bruce, our Sourcing Manager from China.

Driven by an unwavering passion for sourcing novel and captivating products, Bruce finds deep fulfillment in assisting clients and adeptly resolving any challenges that may arise, whether they originate from customers or vendors. His unwavering commitment to his craft sets him apart, as he tirelessly seeks out new projects and eagerly embraces fresh product concepts.

When presented with an opportunity to engage with clients, Bruce seizes the moment, delving deep into their minds to unearth their latest ideas, thoughts, and projects. It is not uncommon for him to transform a mere vague picture into a thriving product family within a remarkably short span of two months, effectively bringing the client’s vision to life while securing their order with utmost efficiency and professionalism.

Bruce’s unwavering passion, keen eye for opportunity, and unrelenting pursuit of excellence make him an invaluable asset to our team. 

Sourcing from China

Some of the most popular materials to source from China are ceramic, metal, wood, and glass. With these, you can create incredible dinnerware, corten planters, wooden storage, glassware, and outdoor planters.

China is huge within the seasonal decor sector, being a mekka of Halloween, Christmas, and easter decor. From plant accessories, such as sticks, all the way to robotic Halloween monsters, China’s reach within the seasonal sector is, at the moment, unmatched. 


Depending on the product type, the lead time is around 60-120 days, whereas the production time is approximately 60-130.

To secure your products during shipment, China offers packaging in master cartons, display packaging, bulk packaging, and on both half and full pallets.

Some areas of China offer consolidation of goods, as some factories are close to each other. 


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