Danielle Hartog

Danielle has been the Director since January 2014, responsible for the optimum satisfaction of our customers and the further development of Dymak Holland BV. After her studies in International Marketing, she has gained a lot of experience in the Dutch horticulture.
Danielle is full of energy and ideas and is always looking for the connection and cooperation with people.

Edwin Aelbers

Edwin is one of the founders of Dymak Holland in 2004 and has 25 years of experience in the ‘added value’ business. Travelling is his passion, he likes the contacts with different people and different cultures. Selling, purchase and sourcing are his main tasks today. He is a real businessman. If you know a better one, please introduce him/her to us!

Kirsten Lek

Having grown up around greenhouses, Kirsten was born for a career into the world of horticulture. With more than a decade within the business, her knowledge of plants and passion for trends, she embodies the true spirit of Dymak. Kirsten’s enthusiasm shines through in every detail of her work which makes her relationship to the customers unique. All of this makes Kirsten a trusted partner to our customers.

Kate Kulesza

Kate was born in Poland and has been living already for many years in The Netherlands. She studied International Management at the business school in Amsterdam and has a background in sales, logistics and retail. She is a sporty and creative person with a good focus on results. As a Key Account Manager for Poland she develops the opportunities in this growing market. Besides that, she is also connected to some interesting Dutch growers and exporters with a focus on retail.

Karin Lamers

Karin has been working in the garden industry for many years. Within these years her main priority was to guide items from production to customer.

Since 2019 Karin has been working at Dymak Holland as a key account manager and her main goal is to surprise the customer with beautiful Scandinavian Home & Garden products and concepts. With her years of experience she knows how to deliver the best to our customers.

Paul Longayroux

Paul is a Key Account Manager at Dymak, handling sales and purchase. Practicing several positions since he started working in 1990 in the business, he gained a lot of knowledge and experience in all kind of areas. Paul likes a ‘no-nonsense’ approach with the focus to retain and develop businesses with relationships.

Nancy Spa

Nancy has been working in the wholesale trade for florists and decorative articles since 1999 and has been working at Dymak since 2011.With these years of experience Nancy has the necessary knowledge and ability to contribute to a good working process within sales.

Her versatility, creativity and organization talent contributes to an optimal working method within the team.

Kasia Peczak

Kasia studied economics at the University in Poland. With her entrepreneurial character, she started her own business after her studies, which she successfully led for 5 years. As a result, she gained experience in wholesale and retail. Kasia is a cheerful person with a passion for nature, travel and photography.

She joined the Dutch Dymak team in January 2019 and will support her colleagues in the sales and logistic process.

Nicole van Tuijl

Nicole completed her degree in business & Agriculture in 2008. After this she started working at a flower and plant export business at the auction in Aalsmeer. Since 2010 she has been working at Dymak. As a spider in the web she operates in various departments and optimizes them according to the process from the beginning till the end. Nicole is flexible, eager to learn and open minded.
A good working atmosphere and satisfied customers bring her to great heights!



Potter og kurve til planter og blomster engro


Potter og kurve til planter og blomster engro