Graphic Designer for Dymak

In Dymak USA, we are looking to fill a position for a full time Graphic Designer.

About Dymak
Dymak is a global supply chain partner that helps growers and garden centers in the Home & Garden segments source and develop products. We are a total solution supply chain, which means we help businesses create product designs and packaging solutions that they dream of for their brands and help them with quality control, finance, and logistics.

Role Overview
The Graphic Designer is responsible for supporting and assisting with day-to-day graphic design functions including creating customized pottery product offers for clients, editing and transforming existing products using photoshop, and occasional product design and development.

In our Dymak USA office, we are approximately 20 people. You will be a part of our marketing department of currently 4 people and will have reference to the Marketing Manager.

Essential Duties
As a Graphic Designer your essential duties will be:

  • working with the Key Account Managers to create customized pottery offers for clients. These offers will vary in look and length based on the season we are targeting, as well as the specific client.
  • editing existing pottery to adjust colors and shapes for clients
  • working with the marketing team to create new product designs
  • assisting with other design needs as needed and requested by management

Prerequisite Knowledge, Skills, and Education
If you are the right person for the job, you:

  • have a major in Visual Design, Graphic Design, Brand Design or something similar
  • have a strong understanding and proficiency of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • have knowledge of layouts, typography, line composition, color, and other graphic design fundamentals
  • enjoy working in a team, but can also work individually on projects
  • have a creative portfolio highlighting an understanding of color, layout design, and typography

Send us your application as soon as possible through the link below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Work location

8701 Maitland Summit Boulevard
Orlando, Florida

Contact person

Jennifer Capshaw