With the majority of our products being made by hand across the world, we want to do everything we can to make sure we manufacture according to standards where human rights and our environment are respected and protected. We will continue to take a long-term approach to achieve sustainable production, while at the same time creating good jobs and driving prosperity in the markets in which we operate

Our planet provides us with an abundance of natural resources. However, with global demand rapidly outstripping supply, our industry cannot continue to operate as it has in the past. We believe that an industry-wide shift from a linear to a circular business model is the only solution. Design is our first opportunity to bring circularity into our value chain. We are working on reducing the number of samples we create by incorporating 3D design in our processes and only developing the products in the final stages of approval.

Recycled materials are a win-win: they stop waste material from going to landfill and reduce the use of virgin raw materials (as well as chemicals, energy and water used to make them). We also aim to source materials that have the potential to be used as closed-loop materials. This means they can be recycled, making them typically less polluting than other materials.

Packaging, particularly when it’s made from plastic, has a big environmental impact – from raw materials, to manufacturing, to use and disposal. Our industry, as well as others, need to shift from a linear to a circular packaging model. Plastic packaging is front-of-mind for customers, colleagues and legislators, which means we have a good opportunity for rapid change in this area.



Unique accessories for Home & Garden


Unique accessories for Home & Garden

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