Growing powerful partnerships for the future

14. 09. 2022 09:00

The new Ontario-based office is expected to offer a local perspective and create closer relationships with Canadian customers.

Since the start of our US office, our team has grown widespread and deep roots in the American and Canadian markets, opening new doors to new adventures. The potential the Canadian market has shown throughout the last couple of years has led us to open a new Ontario-based sales office with the intention of the continuation and developing our current and new partnerships.


“With the incorporation of Dymak Canada, Inc, the Dymak group is taking another step to increase our local presence in Canada. The group has long wanted to create closer partnerships with our customers across the border, which is a perfect continuation of partnerships,” says Erin Faber, Director of Dymak US and Canada.


By having a more local approach, we can support, develop valuable partnerships, and have a higher awareness of our Canadian customers’ business needs. In charge of creating everlasting partnerships with our Canadian customers, the first person in the office will be Krysta Veilleux, Sales Manager of the Canadian territory.

“I’m thrilled to join such a talented team and innovative company. I am committed to communication and growth and look forward to helping Dymak move forward with continued success! I look forward to working alongside our current and new customers to help better understand and support the Canadian market.” says Krysta.

We look forward to exploring, developing, and supporting our current and new customers with a more locally based approach and a higher awareness of your business needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact Erin Faber or Krysta Veilleux if you have any questions.



The new office is placed at:

67 Yonge Street, Suite 701
Toronto ON M5E 1J8

About Dymak, Inc:
Dymak Inc is a global supply chain partner with more than 25 years worth of experience in supplying unique products for growers and garden centers worldwide. Dymak Inc has its headquarters in Odense, Denmark, and has two sales offices in Aalsmeer, Holland, and Orlando, US. The trading business has its own sourcing offices in more than ten sourcing countries in Europe and Asia.


Growing powerful partnerships for the future