Claus Bøgelund

Claus is the CEO at Dymak A/S. He holds an MBA in Business Performance Management and an HD in Foreign Trade.
Claus is co-founder of Dymak A/S and has been involved in the development of the company since its establishment in 1997.

His main responsibility today is to manage the transition of Dymak into a global leader in Upgrades for Flowers & Plants.

Kristian Kristiansen

As Commercial Director Kristian is responsible for the sales strategy- and initiatives in Dymak Group.
Kristian has 15 years of experience in the upgrades and flower industry and is passionate about building successful relations- and partnerships in the industry. Kristian holds a HD in International management and strategy from the University of Southern Denmark.

Irina Schmidt

As the Marketing Director, Irina is responsible for understanding existing and potential customers’ needs and exploring the dynamics of buying groups. She is involved in all aspects of the business, helping drive growth for Dymak and its customers, worldwide.
When not on the job, Irina enjoys exploring and finding new adventures, whether they are spiritual, creative or simply a dive into the unknown.

Martin Kragh

As Business Development Director Martin is responsible for new ideas, projects and relationships for the Dymak organization across departments and borders. Martin brings many years of experience from the European and North American market, as well as broad sourcing and material knowledge from Asian manufactures.

Martin has been in the business the past 8 years and worked within the Home Décor market. He is driven to develop new relationships with great partners in- and outside the industry. Martin holds a BA in International Business and Negotiation from University of Southern Denmark.

Maya Juel Ladewig Andersen

As a Global Marketing Communications Manager, Maya will assist the marketing team with sales presentations, product development and coordination of marketing projects. She is very result-oriented and is always updated with the latest trends.

Maya has both a bachelor in digital concept development and marketing and branding management. She has studied in London at a university and has worked in Brussels, at the largest digital bureau in Belgium.
She therefore comes with a lot of international experience, she uses in her daily activities to strengthen Dymak’s brand worldwide.

Anne Dorthe Bernat

Anne Dorthe has worked with added value for over 20 years and has been a Key Account Manager at Dymak since 2011. She has experience in working with most customer types, but her specialty is chain customers in the German market.
Anne Dorthe is best at communicating with the clients from concept to the marketable products – and can guarantee the best solutions through her many years of experience on giving informed advice on price, packing and materials.

Hanne Holm Jensen

Hanne has been with us since 2012 as the Purchase Coordinator in the International sales team and is an integrated part of the entire purchase process. Very often Hanne is involved from the start to the end in all aspects/work procedures in a sales and purchase process and with a detail-oriented and structured approach, good procedures and qualities – the basis for profitable business is formed here.

Thorsten Kjeldsen

Having worked with the German market for (almost) two decades, Thorsten has the ideal background for being Dymak´s Area Manager in Germany. On top of his excellent communications skills, Thorsten goes the extra yard to identify and satisfy the customer´s needs, and he is equally adept at working with new bizz and existing customers. Thorsten has gained a vast market knowledge from working with the big retailers and in the fashion industry on the Scandinavian and German market.

Martin Møller Pedersen

Martin started working at Dymak in 2019 as Key Account Manager. With over 10 years of experience in the horticultural industry, he has built up his network and experience with the UK market by exporting plants to wholesalers and DIY chains.
For Martin, it is crucial that the customers achieve the best and fastest possible service which he will do his utmost to fulfill – if the customer is happy, so is Martin. He is ready to use all his abilities to help Dymak and its customers grow.



Potter og kurve til planter og blomster engro


Potter og kurve til planter og blomster engro